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Financial Education for Women & Girls

From scheduling a financial workshop at your workplace to hosting one at your home, I'm here to help women and girls prioritize their financial health so they can live their ideal life and change the world.


The Be Financially Well Mission

We live out our mission by delivering educational, and action-oriented workshops and content covering the five elements of financial wellness: Beliefs, Behaviors, Worth, Wealth, Purpose. By living out these five elements, women and girls can enjoy financial empowerment and support the causes and social change women and girls want.  

Clarify your thoughts and feelings around money. 


Rewrite your money beliefs and form healthy financial habits.  

Develop confidence around your psychological and financial worth and build yourself up rather than living a life of fear and scarcity.  

Grow your wealth through saving, investing in your future self, entrepreneurship, and financial planning principles. 

Live a life of financial freedom and align your financial success with your personal values and charitable causes.


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Meet Brooke

Brooke has worked in the financial services industry for over twenty years, advising individuals, small businesses, and institutional clients. She currently works as a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional partnering with mid-career, professional women, and couples.


Brooke's life story does not begin as one filled with financial confidence. Financial planning and the stock market were not conversations held at her dinner table during her childhood but typically centered around her father perfecting a project as part of his small carpentry business or her mother's work bridging inequalities as a special education teacher. Perhaps it was watching soap operas during summer break that opened her eyes to female business leaders and financial success, at least those were the characters she was drawn to.

Brooke Napiwocki, CFP®, MBA

Founder and Chief Financial Wellness Officer

This led her to frequently playing Barbie® business owner and Barbie® banker and eventually enrolling in business school for college. She remembers her first week at college and crying after she spent all of her summer work money on her books and a calculator followed by a feeling of not belonging amongst so many affluent students who had a much deeper financial acumen in her business classes. Class by class she built her financial knowledge and confidence, and this continued even into her early working years as she did not have the natural financial vocabulary her co-workers did. Financial flashcards, personal finance books, and financial curiosity became her confidence builders to conquer all things money. 


Life goals for Brooke currently center around having more fun and finding calm through her "2020 necessary" meditation practice. In her free time, she enjoys time outdoors hiking and spending time near and on the water with her husband, two children, and Cockapoo Zoey, listening to historical fiction, and practicing yoga.



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"I want to financially empower as many girls and women as possible in my life. When girls and women live a life of financial wellness, they can then use their financial resources in ways that are meaningful for their own lives and also change the world by investing in causes that create the social change desired."



Meet Ellie

Ellie is Brooke's daughter and is currently enrolled in middle school. She's excited to inspire more women and girls to work in the financial industry after learning so much from her mom. She thinks the mission of Be Financially Well is important because it is helping her prepare for college and saving up for other personal goals. Ellie helps with all things marketing – video, website, graphics, and social media. She also provides expert insight on creating programs for girls. Ellie hopes women and girls enjoy the content and message of Be Financially Well as much as she does. 


In her free time, Ellie enjoys playing Roblox®, reading, music, and playing with her Cockapoo puppy, Zoey (pictured of course). 



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Ellie Napiwocki

Founder and Chief Marketing Officer

  • Why do you think you like to talk about money so much?
    When we can talk about money and our relationship with it, we can better understand our financial feelings, take action and then decrease anxiety. Money silence is not healthy. Plus, if you think about our most important relationships, finances can be a big stressor for families. I view my ability to help others have money conversations as a helping career – like my female relatives who are teachers, nurses. I just help teach and heal with money! It is so interesting and fun. Like a puzzle – technical and emotional.
  • How do you define financial wellness?
    It is your financial health. I like to describe it in five elements – Beliefs, Behaviors, Worth, Wealth, Purpose. Getting clear on your thoughts and feelings around money. Understanding where these are coming from and how they impact your financial behaviors. Building confidence around your psychological and financial worth and building yourself up rather than living a life of fear and scarcity. Growing wealth through saving, investing in your future self, business ownership, and other financial strategies. Finally, aligning your financial success with your personal values and charitable causes. Financial wellness is a journey and takes many micro-steps and years of practice with ups and downs along the way. There is not a financial wellness quick pill. The reward is that when you achieve financial wellness, money creates financial flexibility and freedom and the possibility to change the world!
  • Explain what a money mindset is?
    How you think and feel about money. Primarily developed in mid-childhood years but many things can impact it – society, culture, socioeconomic status, your experiences, and spiritual beliefs.
  • What does it mean to live your ideal financial life?
    You are using your financial resources to help you live out your core values and utilize those resources on who and what is important to you.
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